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The Complicated Laws Surrounding DUII Charges Require Legal Assistance Tags: attorney mcminnville oregon

A single moment of poor judgment has the power to alter a life and completely change the future. Background checks and employment screenings could prevent admission to a desirable university or end job prospects when a DUII is discovered. The charge could even determine a child custody case, divorce proceedings, and much more. Acceptance of the punishment without any attempt to mitigate the damage is a choice that people will regret for years. A better option is to hire an Attorney in McMinnville Oregon.

Punishment Begins Immediately

Failing a test or refusing to take a test to determine blood alcohol content carries the same penalty of a license suspension. In Oregon, drivers face a suspension of their driving license that will begin within 30 days of the violation. The suspension could be for as little as 90 days or up to three years. People have only 10 days to challenge their suspension.

Charges are Serious

A DUII charge is a criminal offense. The person arrested for this charge has to appear in court. The punishment given for the DUII conviction is in addition to the license suspension for refusing a test. Licenses can be suspended for an additional 1-3 years if found guilty. Repeat offenders with three or more convictions can lose their driving privileges permanently. A diversion for a DUII charge may be allowed if it is requested within 30 days of the initial court date. With a diversion, the criminal charges are dropped if the defendant seeks out substance abuse treatment.

Effort is Required

Reinstatement of a license is not just a matter of waiting out the suspension time. To drive again the individual must complete a drug or alcohol treatment program, install a breath test device on their vehicle for one year, and pay a reinstatement fee. The driver must also carry special high-risk auto insurance.

With a duii attorney McMinnville Oregon have some opportunities available to them that may be difficult to obtain on their own. There is the possibility of receiving a hardship permit that allows themselves to drive to work, to go a treatment program or to look for work. The permit also allows the person to drive to receive medical care or to take a loved one to get care. There are a lot of options, exclusions, and details involved in a DUII case and the previous record of the driver, as well as the circumstances surrounding their arrest, that all affect what is available.


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